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       AtomicParsley - command line MPEG-4 files tool


       AtomicParsley  [ mp4FILE ]... [ OPTION ]... [ ARGUMENT ]... [ [ OPTION2
       ]...[ ARGUMENT2 ]...]


       AtomicParsley is  a  lightweight  command  line  program  for  reading,
       parsing  and setting metadata into MPEG-4 files supporting these styles
       of metadata:

        * iTunes-style metadata into .mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4v, .m4b files

        *  3gp-style  assets  (3GPP  TS  26.444  version   6.4.0   Release   6
       specification conforming) in 3GPP, 3GPP2, MobileMP4 & derivatives

        * ISO copyright notices at movie & track level for MPEG-4 & derivative

        * uuid private user extension text  &  file  embedding  for  MPEG-4  &
       derivative files


       AtomicParsley /path/to.mp4 -T 1

       AtomicParsley /path/to.mp4 -t +

       AtomicParsley /path/to.mp4 --artist "Me" --artwork /path/to/art.jpg

       AtomicParsley /path/to.mp4 --albumArtist "You" --podcastFlag true

       AtomicParsley /path/to.mp4 --stik "TV Show" --advisory explicit


   Getting information about the file & tags:
       -T  --test
              Test file for mpeg4-ishness & print atom tree

       -t  --textdata
              Prints tags embedded within the file

       -E  --extractPix
              Extracts pix to the same folder as the mpeg-4 file

   Setting iTunes-style metadata tags
              (string)     Set the artist tag

              (string)     Set the title tag

              (string)     Set the album tag

              (string)     Genre tag (see --longhelp for more info)

              (num)[/tot]  Track number (or track number/total tracks)

       --disk (num)[/tot]  Disk number (or disk number/total disks)

              (string)     Set the comment tag

       --year (num|UTC)    Year tag (see --longhelp for "Release Date")

              (string)     Set lyrics (not subject to 256 byte limit)

              (string)     Set the composer tag

              (string)     Set the copyright tag

              (string)     Set the grouping tag

              (/path)      Set a piece of artwork (jpeg or png only)

       --bpm  (number)     Set the tempo/bpm

              (string)     Set the album artist tag

              (boolean)    Set the compilation flag (true or false)

              (string*)    Content advisory (*values: ’clean’, ’explicit’)

       --stik (string*)    Sets the iTunes "stik" atom (see --longhelp)

              (string)     Set the description tag

              (string)     Set the TV Network name

              (string)     Set the TV Show name

              (string)     Set the TV episode/production code

              (number)     Set the TV Season number

       --TVEpisodeNum (number)
              Set the TV Episode number

              (boolean)    Set the podcast flag (true or false)

              (string)     Sets the podcast category

              (string)     Sets the podcast keyword

              (URL)        Set the podcast feed URL

              (URL)        Set the episod’e URL tag

       --purchaseDate (UTC)
              Set time of purchase

       --encodingTool (string)
              Set the name of the encoder

              (boolean)    Set the gapless playback flag

   Deleting tags
       Set the value to "":
              --artist "" --stik "" --bpm ""

       To delete (all) artwork:
              --artwork REMOVE_ALL

       manually removal:
              --manualAtomRemove "moov.udta.meta.ilst.ATOM"

   More help
       More detailed iTunes help is available with AtomicParsley

       Setting 3gp assets into 3GPP & derivative files:
              see --3gp-help

       Setting copyright notices for all files:
              see --ISO-help

       For file-level options & padding info:
              see --file-help

       Setting custom private tag extensions:
              see --uuid-help

                                9 February 2008