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       cairo-dock - A dock to launch your programs easily.


       cairo-dock [options]


       Cairo-Dock  is  a  light  and  eye-candy  dock  to launch your programs

       It uses Cairo or OpenGL to render graphics (many  in  correlation  with
       Compiz)  with  full  hardware acceleration. It's fully configurable and
       fully customisable and can be used as a taskbar too.
       You can easily add applets in the dock or as a desklet.

       It is recommended to install the PLUG-INS package ( cairo-dock-plug-ins
       ) to have acces to more views, dialogs and many plug-ins and applets.

       Some screenshots are available :


       You can launch Cairo-Dock with several options :
       (Note  :  you  can  use  these  options  in  one  block.  For example :
       cairo-dock -oia )

       -c, --cairo
                 force Cairo backend (Use this option if you have  issue  with
                 the OpenGL mode. It removes the window at startup)

       -o, --opengl
                 force  OpenGL backend (Cairo-Dock with OpenGL. It removes the
                 window at startup)

       -i, --indirect
                 use Indirect Rendering mode for OpenGL

       -l, --log [option]
                 log verbosity (options : debug, message,  warning,  critical,
                 error - default is 'warning')
                 For example : cairo-dock -l debug

       -a, --keep-above
                 force to keep the dock above other windows whatever

       -p, --no-skip-pager
                 show the dock in pager

       -b, --no-skip-taskbar
                 show the dock in taskbar

       -s, --no-sticky
                 don't make the dock appear on all desktops

       -t, --toolbar-hint
                 force  the window manager to consider Cairo-Dock as a toolbar
                 rather than as a dock

       -n, --normal-hint
                 force the window manager to consider Cairo-Dock as  a  normal
                 application rather than as a dock

       -e, --env force  the  dock  to  consider this environment (gnome, xfce,
                 etc.) - it may crash the dock if not set properly.

       -d, --dir force the dock to load the configuration  in  this  directory
                 (default is ~/.config/cairo-dock).

       -m, --maintenance
                 allow  to edit the config before the dock is started and show
                 the config panel on startup

       -f, --safe-mode
                 don't load any plug-ins and show the theme manager on startup

       -M, --modules-dir
                 ask  the  dock  to  load additional modules contained in this
                 directory  (though  it  is  unsafe  for  your  dock  to  load
                 unofficial modules).

       -T, --testing
                 for  debugging  purpose  only.  The crash manager will not be
                 started to hunt down the bugs.

       -E, --easter-eggs
                 for debugging purpose only. Some hidden  and  still  unstable
                 options will be activated.

       -S, --server
                 address  of  a server containing additional themes. This will
                 overwrite the default server address.

       -k, --locked
                 lock the dock so that  any  modification  is  impossible  for


       Some other options with an output in the terminal :

       -v, --version
                 print version and quit.

       -h, --help
                 Show the help and quit

       -C, --capuccino

       -X, --expresso

       -L, --cafe-latte
                 Cairo-Dock makes anything, including coffee !


                 Your  config  files  are saved in this repertory. You can use
                 '-d' option to change it.

                 Data files for Cairo-Dock.

                 Binary files for Cairo-Dock and its plug-ins.


       Most of the Cairo-Dock project was written by  Fabrice  Rey  (fabounet)
       The  Cairo-Dock  Team  is  formed  by Fabounet (Fabrice Rey), Mav (Yann
       Sladek), Tofe (Christophe Chapuis),  Nochka85  (Yann  Dulieu),  Matttbe
       (Matthieu  Baerts)  ChanGFu  (Rmy  Robertson),  Paradoxxx Zero (Florian
       Mounier), Necropotame (Adrien Pilleboue), Rom1 (Romain Perol),  Ctaf  ,
        as  well as numerous beta testers (ppmt, vilraleur, M.Tasaka, etc. see
       the 'About' menu in the dock) !

       This    manual    page    was    started     by     Julien     Lavergne
       <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by
       Updated by Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) <>.


       Your bug is maybe a recurrent  problem  (black  background,  window  at
       startup  (use  -c  or  -o),  problem  with  OpenGL, etc.). Please go to

       For  any  other  bugs,  you  can  post   them   on   Cairo-Dock   forum
       or on Launchpad (


       < >

                                 Feb. 13, 2010