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       Thrust - a port of the C64 classic


       thrust [--help] [--version] [--nodemo] [--nosoundeffects]
       [--gamma=Value] [--step] [--svgamode=MODE]

       xthrust [--help] [--version] [--nodemo] [--nosoundeffects]
       [--gamma=Value] [--step] [--noshm] [--double] [-display display-name]


       This is a port of Thrust, the classic Commodore 64 game, to un*x and

       The object of the game is to lift the Klystron Pod from the bottom of a
       cave and return it safely to space. The Pod is very heavy (compared to
       the ship) and this makes it tougher than it may seem.

       You must be careful not to run out of fuel, crash into the cave walls,
       or let the enemy artillary outposts shoot you down.


       The resistance is about to launch a major offensive against the
       Intergalactic Empire. In preparation for this, they have captured
       several battle-grade starships, but they lack the essential power
       sources for these formidable craft; Klystron Pods.

       You have been commissioned by resistance to steal these pods from the
       Empire’s storage planets. Each planet is defended by a battery of
       Limpet Guns, powered by a Nuclear Power Plant. By firing shots at the
       power plant, the guns can be temporarily disabled; the more shots fired
       at the nuclear reactor, the longer the guns will take to recharge.

       BUT BEWARE!! If you fire too many shots at the reactor, it will become
       critical, giving you just ten seconds to clear the plantet before it is
       destroyed. If you have not already retrieved the pod stored at the
       planet, then you will have failed the mission. If you have retrieved
       the pod, and you manage to send the reactor into its critical phase,
       and leave the planet safely, you will receive a hefty bonus.


       -h, --help
            Print a usage message and exit with a non-zero status.

       -v, --version
            Print version information on standard output, then exit.

       -d, --nodemo
            Do not run the demo which is otherwise displayed if the game is
            left untouched.

       -e, --nosoundeffects
            If sound is compiled in, be silent anyway.

       -c, --gamma=Value
            Change the brightness of the colors. 1.0 is the default. Higher
            values give brighter colors. The value must be positive.

       -j, --jump
            Only draw every third frame. This makes the game a lot faster.

       -s, --svgamode=MODE
            This option is only applicable to the SVGAlib version of Thrust.

            The format of svgamode is G<width>x<height>x<colors> where
            <width>x<height> is at least 320x200 and <colors> has to be 256.
            Also, the mode cannot be planar. See the SVGAlib documentation for
            details on this. The default is G320x200x256. There has been
            success with modes G320x200x256, G640x480x256, G800x600x256 and

       -display display-name
       -geometry geometry-spec
            These options (-display and -geometry) are only applicable to the
            X version of Thrust. Se the man page of X for details.

       -m, --noshm
            This option is only applicable to the X version of Thrust.

            Do not try to share memory between Thrust and the X server.

       -2, --double
            This option is only applicable to the X version of Thrust.

            Double the size of the window. This makes the game slow.


       Note that the following keys are the default configuration. This can be
       changed by the user by creating a file named .thrustrc in the users
       home directory.

       A    Turn counterclockwise

       S    Turn clockwise


            Shoots a bullet. Different targets have different effect:

            The Fuel Tank explodes for 150 points.

            The Limpet guns expolde for 750 points.

            The Nuclear Power Plant can take a number of hits. When they are
            destroyed you are given a short period of time to clear out before
            the whole neighbourhood is nuked. If a Power Plant is hit - but
            not destoyed - it will recover after a period of time. During this
            recovery period, the Limpet guns are not able to fire. 2000 extra
            points are scored if the Power Plant is destroyed when the level
            is finished. There is exactly one Power Plant in every level.

            In the more advanced levels you will find other things to shoot

       Right-Ctrl (Right-Shift on MSDOG)

            Gives the ship a forward push at the cost of some fuel.

            Pick up and shield.

            If the ship is above a Fuel Tank the ship is refueled, i.e the
            fuel is picked up. Two vertical bars are drawn to indicate that
            fuel is picked up. When there is no more fuel left in the tank, it
            disappears and 300 points are scored.

            If the ship is close to the Klystron Pod a connecting wire is
            drawn. The Pod is picked up when the connecting wire is of the
            right length. If spacebar is released before the correct distance
            is reached the Pod is not picked up.

            When the shield is activated, a circle is drawn around the ship.
            If the ship is carrying the Pod, the Pod and the wire are also
            protected by the shield. The shield costs fuel to power.

            Quit the game

       P    Pause

       C    Continue a paused game


       The .thrustrc file

       Each command can be customized for either X11 or the SVGAlib (console)
       versions by specifying the appropriate prefix, X11- or SVGA-, followed
       by the command, and the key to be assigned. Numpad keys can be assigned
       using KP_[number], and control, shift and alt keys can be assigned
       using [key]_[direction].

       Valid commands:



       X11-counterclockwise    a
       X11-clockwise           KP_6
       SVGA-thrust             Shift_L
       SVGA-fire               space
       SVGA-pickup             KP_0





       Game by Peter Ekberg

       Original man page by Joey Hess

       Thanks go out to the authors of the original for the C64.


       Thrust may be copied under the term of the Gnu General Public Licence.


       Who knows?